Private Equity Associate Opportunity - Summer 2020
Dan Pickett
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Private Equity Associate Opportunity - Summer 2020

The Stephens Group

For those of you less familiar with the term, private equity firms raise funds from institutional investors.  Each fund is a separate legal vehicle. They deploy the funds purchasing part or 100% ownership in private companies. The private equity firms have some thesis behind their purchase (e.g., roll-up/merger platform, synergy with another portfolio company, cost-cutting, product expansion, etc.) and after a 5-10 yr period they sell their stakes in companies either by selling to another private equity firm, an industry peer or via an IPO.  While the bulk of the return occurs upon the exit, the PE firms collect management fees, merger & transaction fees and dividends along the way.  Some of these fees are retained by the PE firm and some are distributed to investors in their funds.

Interested students (rising juniors) should contact Omaira Brightman (, indicating the lead came from Jiawei Bei (CMC alumnus and recent Applied Security Analysis Program graduate). Please cc Jiawei (

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